Volunteers Make It All Work

Opportunities year-round

$100 Bond Check Rebated Upon Completion

6 Hours Minimum - managed and tracked through SignUp Genius

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Volunteer Program Details

Plenty of Opportunities

Six hours per family is all that is required. We have a lot of opportunities for participation so 6 hours should be a piece of cake. You can divide up the time across family members and make it easy.

  • Two Parents, Son and Sibling do 1.5 hour effort = 6 hours
  • Two Parents sign up for 3, 1 hour “host” shifts = 6 hours
  • Committee Sign Ups = 6 hours confirmed by Committee Lead

Other examples are:  Fundraising assistance, team Dinner coordinator, Game Day Host, Concession stand help etc.

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How "The Bond" Works

$100 Check, made out to OneSouth Lacrosse Boosters

The check is held until the end of the season, then shredded if service completed.

Buy Out option - Indicate “Volunteer Buy Out”, we cash the check and you don't do volunteer hours. Buyouts are tax deductible.


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